How to Refill a Self-Inking Signature Stamp

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Self-inking stamps are a clean and efficient way to place signatures on documents without the use of a separate ink pad. A self-inking stamp uses a mechanism that places the rubber stamp in contact with a built-in ink pad each time the stamp is lifted from the paper. Small locking buttons on the sides of the stamp allow the ink pad to be removed and replaced or refilled. Squeeze bottles of refill ink for self-inking signature stamps are available at most office-supply retailers.

Find the locking buttons on either side of the signature stamp. Press down slightly on the stamp with one hand, while squeezing the lock buttons with the other hand until they click into place.

Pull the ink pad from its slot in the center of the signature stamp housing.


Apply eight to 12 drops of ink to the felt side of the ink pad, and put it back in its slot. Make sure the felt side of the ink pad faces the bottom of the signature stamp.


Place the signature stamp on a piece of paper and press down lightly again until the locking buttons click back into place.


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