Baked goods like chocolate-dipped orange biscotte, cranberry walnut muffins, and oatmeal ginger cookies, sweeten the morning of New Yorkers on the run. Home bakeries have become a popular way of fulfilling the sweet tooth of countless New Yorkers. With a little start-up planning, home bakeries are on the rise of the new small business.

Starting an At Home Bakery Business

Step 1.

Write a business plan, which should include your distribution plan and a list of possible business accounts where your baked goods will be sold. This may also include a list of suppliers, the cost of supplies, anticipated overhead, and your start up funding. Your business plan should also include a list of the baked goods you plan to sell. A good business plan also includes a vision statement. Check out sample plans, and free templates online.

Step 2.

Apply for a small business loan if you feel you will need one. Check out the United States Small Business Association advocacy website for current information on all lending banks as well as savings and loan associations to choose the best option for financing your home bakery business. There are also business loans specified to specific groups, like business loans for women. Check out the New York Business Development Corporation's website for information on loans for minority and women business owners.

Step 3.

Submit a Health Permit Application, either from the New York City Department of Health, if you live within the city, or, if you live outside the city, check out the New York State Department of Health website to find the office nearest you.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Division of Environmental Health Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation (BFSCS) 253 Broadway, 12th Floor, Box CN-59A New York, NY 10007 (212) 676-1600, 1601

Step 4.

Apply for a business license from New York State's Online Permit Assistance and Licensing website. This will register your business name. The OPAL website also offers other assistance such as a brochure on starting your own business, and an online customized information packet, where you can enter in the specifics of your start up home baker business.

Step 5.

Apply for a Federal Tax ID. Then register for a Sellers Permit (State Tax ID). In New York, you must first have a Federal Tax ID number before you will be granted a Sellers Permit.

Step 6.

Purchase small business insurance. This is an important step in covering your home bakery business. Check out Healthy New York, insurance offered by New York State for small businesses to see if your home bakery qualifies.


See the American Baker's Association ( or the American Society of Baking ( for more information about baking businesses.