How to Replace Toner in a Samsung Toner Cartridge

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When the toner gets low in your Samsung printer, you can replace the toner cartridge, but a way to save money is to purchase toner refill packages that allow you to add more toner instead. In addition to saving money, you are helping to keep a cartridge that would otherwise be discarded out of the landfill. Toner refill companies often guarantee their products, so if the process doesn't work, you can simply go back and replace the toner cartridge.

Purchase a toner replacement kit from a toner replacement company such as Fillserv or Toner Refill Kits. The kit typically comes with toner, a funnel and instructions for your particular printer's toner replacement. You'll also need a new toner "smart chip" for your Samsung printer, as well as a hole driller. All should be available from the toner refill companies. Just make sure you check your printer's model number and order the right materials; with the hole drilling kit, the whole thing should be less than $20, plus shipping.

Remove the old toner cartridge according to the instructions in your owner's manual.

Open the cartridge by boring a hole in the toner cartridge using a hole-making tool you bought from the toner replacement company. While the instruction manual that comes with your replacement kit will specify the exact location of the new hole, it is generally bored in the center of either the side or top of the cartridge.

Place the funnel that came with your kit into the hole.

Pour the toner into the funnel, putting the new toner into your cartridge.

Plug the hole you just filled. The toner replacement kit you bought should come with a plug for the hole.

Place the new smart chip in the toner cartridge, according to the instructions for that particular model. Typically, this involves using a flathead screwdriver to pry off the old chip, and then sticking the new chip into its place. The sticky material on the back of the chip will make it stay.

Reinstall the toner cartridge into your printer.


  • Print a test page when you've completed the toner replacement, to be sure everything is working correctly.



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