How to Create Your Own Guest Check

by Jean Asta; Updated September 26, 2017
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Every restaurant needs a way to get a customer's order to the kitchen and then bill the customer for their order. Many restaurants do both with a guest check, a preprinted form that the server fills in with a customer's order. There are two types of guest checks: single-part and duplicate-part. The duplicate-part checks have an original and a duplicate copy of the guest check so that the server can keep one and give one to the kitchen. The single-part checks have only one sheet and are better for restaurants where servers enter order information for the kitchen into a computer.

Step 1

Determine the information you want included on your guest check. Common information includes date, table number, number of guests, server name, and a sequential number to help track the guest check. Optional information includes the restaurant's name, address, logo, phone number and Web site address.

Step 2

Decide whether you want single-part or duplicate-part checks depending on how your restaurant operates.

Step 3

Contact multiple printing companies to compare price and delivery costs. Select the best company for your needs.

Step 4

Design the guest check online or work with a company's design team to create the check you want. Ask for a printer's proof before approving the design.

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