How to Create Your Own Guest Check

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Every restaurant needs a way to get a customer's order to the kitchen and then bill the customer for their order. Many restaurants do both with a guest check, a preprinted form that the server fills in with a customer's order. There are two types of guest checks: single-part and duplicate-part. The duplicate-part checks have an original and a duplicate copy of the guest check so that the server can keep one and give one to the kitchen. The single-part checks have only one sheet and are better for restaurants where servers enter order information for the kitchen into a computer.

Determine the information you want included on your guest check. Common information includes date, table number, number of guests, server name, and a sequential number to help track the guest check. Optional information includes the restaurant's name, address, logo, phone number and Web site address.

Decide whether you want single-part or duplicate-part checks depending on how your restaurant operates.

Contact multiple printing companies to compare price and delivery costs. Select the best company for your needs.

Design the guest check online or work with a company's design team to create the check you want. Ask for a printer's proof before approving the design.


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