How to Design a Laundromat

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If you are looking to start a business, opening up a laundromat can be lucrative because it’s something that residents of a city will always need. As with any type of business, appealing to customers is essential. Designing a laundromat to be inviting but functional is important. Before beginning, check out existing laundromats in the area to see what you like and don’t, and adjust your designs to be competitive with other locations but also accessible to customers.

Determine which services you want to provide to customers. Many laundromats have some type of arcade games for customers to use while washing and drying laundry. If you want to add arcades, you will need to make space for them in the layout. If you want to offer a washing and folding service within the laundromat, you will need to accommodate space within the location.

Ensure there are plenty of washers and dryers within the laundromat to accommodate fluctuation amounts of customers. If you add too many non-essentials like vending machines or arcades instead of washers and dryers, the wait time to get a machine will drive customers away.

Add two or three different washer sizes to accommodate customer needs. In addition to the standard washers, add multiple-load washers or extra-large washers so customers can wash bedding or multiple loads of clothing there instead of taking up smaller machines. Offering extra-large washers to customers is appealing to those who want to wash comforters or large loads of towels or other bedding.

Keep pathways accessible throughout the laundromat, so customers can easily maneuver between washers and dryers either when carrying laundry bags or wheeling around carts. Make sure there are plenty of carts so customers can easily take their laundry from washers to dryers.

Design the laundromat to the proper city codes. Check with officials when obtaining a business permit to be sure you understand all building codes. Provide plenty of lighting to the interior and exterior of the location to ensure safety and visibility for all customers.


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