How to Use a Dymo Label

Dymo is known for their specialty printers, which are able to print out labels composed using the LabelWriter software. These printers are often referred to as a Dymo Labelmakers. In order to make the printer work, you need to properly configure it and press the right buttons to command its actions. You can navigate its controls easily and arrange the settings according to your preference. With the help of the software, you can easily construct and print out the best labels from your Dymo Labelmakers.

Access the LabelWriter on your PC by clicking on its icon on your desktop or typing its name on the search box on your "Start" button.

Go to the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your LabelWriter window, and click on “Shipping with graphic (30256)."

Select the telephone graphic to pull up the “Graphic Settings.” Insert the image that you wish to use for your labels. It can be your personal logo or a company icon. Click "OK" after choosing your desired image.

Print the label by hooking the LabelWriter printer to your PC’s USB port. The LabelWriter should have blank labels for you to manually input the number of labels that you wish to print.

Go to the “Copies” box found at the top of the window, and click on the icon for “Print” at the left side of the “Copies” box.

Save the label that you created, should you want to access or reuse it in the future. Go to the top toolbar and click on the “Save” icon.


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