How to Build a Self Storage Facility

A self storage facility is beneficial for yourself in two ways; you can utilize it for your own storage purposes or you can turn it into a business. Using construction knowledge and a little business acumen, you can build a storage facility that provides you with disposable income for years to come. Once you locate property, obtain financing and find a construction company, you can build your own self storage facility.

Find the property for the storage facility. Many are built close to a highway or on a main thoroughfare for easy access. This is desirable if you wish to start a business so that it is visible to the public. Be mindful of zoning laws in your city. Be sure you can legally build and operate a self storage facility in the location of your choosing.

Obtain financing through personal or business loans as well as personal funds. Look into a small business administration loan by discussing it with your banker or accountant. Consider private financing and construction loans you may be able to refinance once your storage facility is build and business is operational.

Find a contractor. Do not act as a general contractor if you have no experience or proper licensing to do so. Select a construction firm with competent sub-contractors who will do the excavation, plumbing and carpentry.

Market your storage facility by running ads. You can place an ad on websites, in the newspaper or buy space in your local phone book.


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