FedEx is a logistics services company, with the FedEx Ground division specializing in shipping small packages for both business and residential customers. To handle a route for FedEx Ground, you will need to become an independent contractor and go through the application process with FedEx. FedEx does not employ company drivers for the FedEx Ground fleet. This means you will need to purchase or lease your own truck and purchase a route from FedEx, in addition to any and all other materials needed to maintain your route. In addition to making an initial investment to get started, a FedEx contractor will also need to pay all related expenses to maintain his route. Such expenses may include insurance, fuel, taxes, and vehicle maintenance. A contractor will also need to handle his own retirement planning and secure his own health insurance plan.

Things You Will Need
  • Clean driving record with no more than three moving violations in last three years

  • No more than one moving violation in the past 12 months

  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) with Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) endorsement

Step 1.

Visit the FedEx “Build a Ground Biz” website and to begin your search to determine if a route is available in your area. FedEx Ground offers prospective contractors three different opportunities to pick up a route.

Step 2.

Decide which opportunity fits you best. Those opportunities include pick-up and delivery, linehaul contractors and independent service provider. Pick-up and delivery contractors usually drive small vans or trucks and do daily pickups and delivery, while linehaul contractors drive tractor trailers and cross state lines or into Canada to pick up and deliver loads to FedEx facilities or other designated points. As a pick-up and delivery driver, you can have one route. As a linehaul driver, you must purchase multiple routes and must establish a corporation to contract with FedEx. If you are already a business owner, you will want to consider the independent service provider option to provide small package pick-up and delivery services on behalf of FedEx.

Step 3.

Select the option in the drop-down menu labeled “Independent Contracting in the US.” When the page loads, click on the “Current Opportunities” option in the left-hand menu.

Step 4.

Select the option at the top of the screen for the type of opportunity you want to search for, the click on the state where you want to search the click the “Start Search” button. Click on the option for “View Details” to review all specific information related to the contracting opportunity. Begin the application process by clicking on the option for “Submit Information Sheet.”

Step 5.

Fill out all the information on the sheet as requested by FedEx Ground. This information is simply preliminary information and FedEx Ground may request other information about you during the recruiting process. Click the “Finish” button and FedEx will contact you within three business days to discuss the contracting opportunity. FedEx will inform you of the initial investment needed for the particular route and will interview you to see if the recruiter thinks you are a good fit. FedEx values customers service; in addition to being able to demonstrate safe driving skills, you will need to come across as friendly and good with customers for FedEx to consider you for a route.


While FedEx will require an initial investment to get started, FedEx does not give an estimated amount because investments vary widely according to location and type of contract. As a rule of thumb, you should have at minimum three times the amount you expect to gross over the course of the first year in business. This is to cover your initial investments, your ongoing expenses and to maintain your standard of living while getting your FedEx route off the ground.


FedEx is facing ongoing lawsuits from independent contractors, related to FedEx referring to drivers as independent contractors, while allegedly exerting control over aspects of those contractors that legally qualify as employee status. As both state and federal judges rule on the lawsuits, FedEx -- and consequently you -- may face the prospect of completely dismantling the contractor program, thereby invalidating or forcing future termination of contracts.