How to Get a Care Home Facility License in California

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If you're interested in obtaining a license to manage or operate a care home facility in California, you're in luck, for California provides an easy method of acquiring a care license. As long as you know what form of community care facility you want to open -- child care, adult care or senior care -- and have documentation to prove your name and address, you can receive your license within a short amount of time.

Getting your Care Facility License

Apply for a license. Go to California's Department of Social Services website at A list of phone numbers should appear.

Attend orientation. You must attend an orientation before you can apply for your license. Of the list of phone numbers provided on the web page, the number you should call to schedule an orientation depends on where you live and what type of care facility — child care, adult care or senior care — you want to open. Find the heading for the type of care home you are interested in, then underneath that heading find the city closest to you.

Schedule orientation. Call for an appointment for an orientation and choose a day and time that is convenient for you.

Provide documentation. Bring proof of your name and address to the orientation. A driver's license or state identification card is sufficient.

Learn requirements. During the orientation a representative for the Department of Social Services will explain the procedures, details, requirements and regulations for the licensing process.

Fill out the application. At the orientation, you will receive the application for a care facility license. The application will require that you state the name and address of your desired care home and the name and address of the applicant. If the applicant is a partnership, each member of the partnership must be listed along with their name and address.


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