Gone are the days when child care providers acted on their own, independent from the government. Today, to establish a in-home daycare facility, Arizona requires providers to be licensed by the state. Each provider meeting the state requirements is given her license and allowed to operate the daycare program in her own home. Take the appropriate steps and establish a legal, safe daycare facility in your home with the blessings of the state of Arizona.

Things You Will Need
  • Home

  • License

  • Proof of residency

  • Fingerprinting card

Meet the basic requirements. To operate a daycare facility in your home, be at least 18 years old. Meet the requirements of residency. Daycare providers in Arizona, according to the Arizona Health Services, require residency in the state as well as citizenship in the United States or proof of legal residency as an alien to be approved to operate.

Fill out an application for Arizona's Department of Health Services Office of Child Care Licensing. Include the address of the daycare home. Provide documentation proving your right as an Arizona state resident and U.S. citizen or legal resident alien to open a daycare facility in your home. Acceptable documentation includes a birth certificate, a U.S. passport, naturalization documents or documentation of legal resident alien status.

Provide evidence that you have no criminal background prohibiting you to work with children. Fingerprinting and background checks enable you acquire the class one or class two fingerprinting clearance card necessary to obtain a license. The same requirement affects anyone you plan to work with in your in-home daycare.

Prepare your home for an in-home visit. According to the Standards of Care; Rules: Classifications website, licensing requires proof of a sanitary facility with adequate room for the children. This includes adequate play space, both indoors and out, toys, heat, coolness and proper sleeping facilities. Arizona requires child/adult ratios be met.


Fill out your paperwork carefully. Provide all the necessary materials when you submit your paperwork.