Small businesses can use PayPal to accept payments from individuals and buyers who have not registered for a PayPal account. To gain the ability to do this, you must first sign up your small business with a PayPal Business account. Besides giving you a method of accepting payments from customers, the PayPal Business account also allows you to give limited access to the PayPal account to your employees.

Step 1.

Open your Internet browser, and go to the PayPal homepage (see Resources). Click the "Sign up" button underneath the "Sign In" section.

Step 2.

Select your country and preferred language in the "Country" and "Language" drop-down boxes. Click "Get Started" in the "Business" section.

Step 3.

Click the "Select Payment Solution" drop-down box, and select "I Don't Know" to skip this step and finish setting up your account first. Click "Continue."

Step 4.

Click the "Business Type" drop-down box and select the type of small business you run, such as "Sole Proprietorship," "Individual" or "Partnership." Type the required information for your business in the boxes marked with an asterisk, such as your business name and address, sources of sales transactions and customer service email address. Click "Continue."

Step 5.

Type the name, phone number and address of the business owner. Type an email address and password to access your PayPal Business account.

Step 6.

Select two security questions in the "Password Recovery" section. Type the answer for each of the questions.

Step 7.

Click the check-boxes to agree to PayPal's user agreement, privacy policy and legal disputes section. Type the characters shown in the "Security Measure" section. Click "Continue" to submit your account information.

Step 8.

Check the email that you specified that you want to use to log in to your PayPal Business account. Click the link in the email from PayPal, and/or follow the instructions to confirm your email address and complete the sign-up process.


Click the "My Business Setup" section after you log into your PayPal Business account to select and get started with setting up a payment solution for your website.