How to Reset Ricoh Gx3050 Ink Cartridge

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The Ricoh GX 3050 printer can print both black and white and four-color documents at a speed of up to 29 pages per minute. Once connected to either a stand-alone copier or a network, it can serve as a printer for both PCs and Macs. Once the ink in one or more of its cartridges has been depleted, the cartridges must be replaced and the printer reset in order to continue printing.

Adding New Ink

Remove the packaging from the new ink cartridges. Each cartridge will be packaged and wrapped individually.

Open the front cover of the printer toward you.

Remove all empty ink cartridges by pulling them toward you. They will slide out and can then be either recycled or discarded.

Remove all packaging and tape, and slide in the new ink cartridges. The new cartridges will slide into place and will "click" when secured. Be certain to install the new ink in the correct slot. The inks are arranged from left to right at black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Close the front panel.

Reset the Ink CPU

Press the "System Menu" button. This button is on the top, right side of the printer.

Scroll through the options until the display reads "Ink CPU Replace." The scroll buttons are below the "System Menu" button.

Press "Enter." This will reset the ink CPU.

Press "Exit" to return to the normal operating mode.

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