Starting your own wheel company requires knowledge of the automobile trends and preferences in your state or county. Wheel businesses offer support services to vehicle sales, repair and enhancement agencies. You can opt to sell wheels and fit them at your premises for better customer satisfaction.

Conduct market research. Examine the automobile numbers, sales and repair outlets where you want to start the business. Note the popular models to determine the types of wheels to begin stocking. Talk to vehicle owners, mechanics, showroom staff, manufacturers and automobile sales people. Depending on the feedback, you can settle on stocking and supplying wheels, wheel repairs or both. Find out about your competition (similar companies) within your state

Get capital. The source for capital should be commensurate with your initial stock targets. Personal savings, low-interest loans or credit society loans can start you off. Alternatively, you can sign up as a subsidiary franchise for an established automobile company but operate on your own to defray startup costs.

Register the company. Obtain a business license with your state's secretary of state office and pay the requisite registration fees.

Set up a showroom. Whether you set up new premises or rent an existing one, locate the showroom in a strategic and visible location, preferably within a populous area. You can site it next to tire lubes, car washes, car repair centers, an automobile parts shop, fuel station or a large parking area. The showroom should have spacious display racks, optimum lighting (preferably natural light), ambient parking or fitting area.

Purchase the wheels and stock the showrooms. Establish business relations with a reputable wheel manufacturer or wholesaler near you. You can hire an expert in this trade to assist you with selection of wheels, fitting and responding to after-sales customer issues. Furnish the showroom with fitting equipment, tire removal and balancing appliances and protective gear.

Market the business. Advertise the business in automobile magazines such as Autoextremist, BBC Top Gear magazine, Automotive News, Auto Speed, and Car and Driver, among others. Respond to client inquiries and begin serving clients. For better client retention, offer wheel fitting together with selling wheels at a marginal extra fee.