How to Write a Business Proposal Template

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If you have a business idea and need a bank loan to make it happen, you will have to present a business proposal to the bank before they will lend you the money. A business plan outlines your objectives, goals, budget, and what exactly you plan to do with the bank's money. A good business proposal shows the bank you have examined your options carefully and plan to use their money wisely.

Talk to business owners who have written proposals to find out what worked best for them. Use this information to help determine what belongs in your proposal.

Make a two-part outline for your proprosal. Part one is a detailed description of what your business is, and what it will do. The second part contains financial details, including estimated tax payments, budget, and sample balance sheets.

Limit the first part of the proposal to about 10 written pages. Cite all sources you use to demonstrate you have researched the market, location, availability of product, hiring needs and related business details.

Describe what makes your company different. Include experience, achievements and technological advantages that will make you stand out from the others.

Identify the types of customer you will target and how you plan to get their attention. What type of advertising, for example, do you plan to use and how much?

Supply biographies of your management team and specify how each manager will contribute to the company. Describe their roles in detail.

Outline cash flow and revenue expectations for the first several years of your business. This is where you will specify how much money you need to get started, how it will be distributed, and how soon you expect to pay it back.


  • You can hire a professional to write your proposal. However this will cost money and put you on the sidelines at a crucial juncture for your business.