Opening a business checking account online is a quick and easy way to manage your business’s finances. Many banks offer free business checking, but these accounts do not provide as many services as accounts with a fee. Some require a minimum balance or charge extra transaction fees. Read the terms and conditions for each account carefully before choosing a bank. Signing up online will require a credit card. A nominal amount of money must be deposited to open the account.

Step 1.

Find a bank that provides free business checking. Contact well-known banks like Wells Fargo in addition to small banks and credit unions. If your business doesn’t need access to a branch, find a bank that deals primarily with online customers. Compare all of the features that each checking account offers.

Step 2.

Log on to the bank’s website, find the appropriate checking account and click "Apply."

Step 3.

Fill out the online application. Your business will need a tax ID number for the application as well as the contact information for anyone who will be authorized to sign on the account.

Step 4.

Deposit the minimum required opening balance. Use a credit or debit card. You can also transfer money from an existing personal or business bank account.

Step 5.

Read through and agree to the terms and conditions. Create an online log-in and password so the account can be managed online.


Assign more than one signer on the account if possible. This will allow other individuals to write checks and withdraw funds if necessary.