How to Renew an FCC License

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The Federal Communications Commission uses an electronic Universal Filing System to handle and process all application-related paperwork. Just make sure to have all of the relevant documents with identification and registration information handy. The critical renewal period for an FCC license is within 90 days prior to the expiration date. There is also a two-year grace period after the license has expired in which it may be renewed.

Open the FCC’s Universal Filing System at

Log in to the Universal Filing System using your personal FCC registration number.

Choose the link that says “Renew” on the right side of the page under the menu called “Work on this License.”

Make sure that the “Renewal” link appears. If the link does not appear, then your license cannot be renewed. A “Select Updates” page should now open.

Verify that all of the personal information pertaining to the license is correct on the “Select Updates” page. If any of the information is omitted or wrong, correct it. A page entitled “Applicant Questions” shall now appear.

Answer all of the questions. Click “Continue” when the answers are all completed. Licensing information and Summary pages should open, one at a time.

Review all of the information first on the Licensing page and then on the Summary page to verify that everything is correct and up-to-date. Click on the “Continue to Certify” button when all of the information is satisfactory.

Sign the page electronically and print or save a copy of your certification.


  • Complete the license renewal process one step at a time in order not to have to start all over again for skipping a step. When renewing a license, read over all of the information pages carefully during the application process. If you are not comfortable submitting your renewal process online, you can submit it through the mail. Download FCC Form 605 from the FCC website, fill it out and mail it to:

    FCC 1270 Fairfield Road Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

    Alternatively, you may request a form over the phone at 800-418-3676.


  • Review a previous or current FCC license to make sure that personal information listed on the license or in relation to the license has not changed. If any incorrect information is listed on a license renewal application, the renewal will be denied. Update all information that needs to be updated promptly.


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