As a merchant, you have the ability to process credit cards in real time. This is done by swiping the customer's credit card through the magnetic credit card reader to obtain approval. When you don't have access to a card reader or if your card reader is down, you still can process credit cards. However, you will have to do it manually by filling out a credit card slip.

Enter the name of the product or service that is being purchased. This information should be placed in the “Description” field. Be sure to specify the quantity of products in the “Quantity” field.

Document the price of the product/service in the “Price” field. The price should be documented on the same row as the name of the product. Enter the tax amount in the “Tax” field. The “Total” field should be the sum of the purchase price plus tax.

Specify the date of the purchase in the “Date” field.

Obtain an imprint of the credit card that is being used. If you don't have an imprint machine, you can get an imprint by placing the card (facing upwards) between the two carbon copies of paper. Use a coin or other object to scratch the top sheet of paper. As you scratch, you will notice the credit card numbers appearing on the top sheet of paper.

Ask the customer to sign the bottom of the credit card slip.

Contact your bank to get an approval number for the transaction. Write the approval number in the “Approval” field. The approval number indicates that the payment has been successfully processed.


Fill out the credit card slip with an ink pen, not a pencil. Press down hard, as you are writing, to ensure that the information is legible on each copy of the slip.