The Garvey Model 18-6 G-Series Labeler is a one-line, six-character label gun. Garvey has designed the labeler for both ease-of-use and ergonomic handling with drop-in label construction, self-align label feeding and a quick-snap ink roller. The ink roller is attached to a carriage arm inside the labeler accessible through a front hatch. Replacing the ink roller only requires that you access the carriage, unlock the used roller from the arm and snap in a new one.

Grasp the side tabs near the top of your Garvey 18-6 Labeler’s front hatch between your fingers. Pull open and flip down the hatch. Flip up the ink roller carriage arm.

Pinch in the tabs on the sides of the ink roller at the same time to unlock the roller from the carriage.

Lift the used ink roller up and away from the carriage and set it aside for disposal. Snap the new ink roller into place on the carriage.

Fold the carriage arm down to its original position and flip up the front hatch to close the front of your labeler.