How to Start a Food Delivery Service

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Food delivery services are beneficial to your community in various ways. If there are senior citizens in your neighborhood who are unable to get to the store due to illness, you can assist them by purchasing and delivering groceries to them. Or you can deliver groceries and prepare meals for busy families who need assistance with getting groceries due to hectic work schedules. Your goal may be to start a corporate food delivery service which will provide lunches and large orders for businesses in your city.

Research your target customer base. Read local business magazines and search for articles that deal with the food service industry. Also attend trade shows in your city. Speak with vendors about the latest trends in food service, and ask for pointers on how to successfully start a food delivery service that caters to your target market.

Write your business plan. State why you believe your service is needed in your community, the amount of funding you'll need for the business, how your service will stand out from other delivery services and research you've done on the local food service industry. Cite any experiences you've had that prepared you for the business. For example, if you've managed a few supermarkets, talk about how you instituted grocery delivery services at some of the stores.

Look for a good location. Seek out a place where you're most likely to find and market to your target customer base. If your food delivery service will cater primarily to daycare center owners who need groceries to prepare meals for the children, visit neighborhoods where there are a few daycare centers. Also search for a building that has enough space for your inventory, customers and a personal office.

Hire some employees. Start by hiring good friends and relatives who have clean driving records and who are responsible to work as drivers. Also find some workers who can successfully promote your food delivery service. If your two good friends from high school have a few years of advertising experience, hire them to develop ideas for marketing your services.

Promote your business. Get a professional to design your website and ask him to include detailed descriptions of your services, prices, contact information. Include a section on the site where customers can place their orders. Also create medium-sized fliers about your services and distribute them to neighbors, churches, hospitals, schools and nurseries in your city.


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