People love the feeling that they're safe. Providing people's security is an important service. Interested in wanting to protect others? Follow the steps below to start a security company.

Go to your local Commissioner of Revenue's office to apply for your business license and permits. Since your business is a security company, you can file it as a "service."

Choose what services you'll offer your potential security buyers. Personal security for an individual or security for an event are a couple of services your security company can offer. Start with at least three types of security services that your clients can choose from.

Create estimates for your security company. For pricing, calculate how much it will cost you for employees, vehicles, and uniforms, if any. To lower overhead costs while you are getting started, you could serve your clients yourself. Ultimately, you will hire employees for future projects and event bookings.

Promote your security company on websites such as Craigslist. Place ads in your local paper, and local publications such as business newsletters. Make sure you include your contact information in your ads. Purchase business cards to give to potential clients.

Build a website for your security company. Provide your opening line, or mission statement, and the services you will provide. Be sure to include your phone number, email address, and rates for your services. Submit your security company's contact information to telephone directories, and consider advertising in phone books in your regions.