If you are starting a new business and you need additional funding to get your business off of the ground, consider applying for a grant from the government. Grants are used by business start-ups to secure financing that is an alternative to a loan. A grant is a sum of money given to a person or entity for a specific purpose that, unlike a loan, does not need to be repaid. The United States government gives grants to business owners to induce and support business ownership, as well as the specific purpose of the grant. In order to receive a business grant to help start your business, you must apply for a grant through the United States Government's Grants.gov website.

Step 1.

Search for grants on the Grants.gov website. The Grants.gov website contains a categorized list of all of the available grants offered by the United States agencies authorized to provide grants. Search for a grant based on the category of your business. Check the "Business & Commerce" category for any grants that are specifically available to business start-ups. Write the "Funding Opportunity Number" on a piece of paper so that you can use it to download the application package.

Step 2.

Review the grant to ensure that you qualify for the grant. You will be able to review the grant's eligibility requirements by clicking on the hyperlink contained in the grant's title. The synopsis of the grant will list the persons or organizations that are eligible to receive the grant, as well as provide a description of the purpose for which the grant must be used.

Step 3.

Register with the Grants.gov website. Register with the Grants.gov website by clicking on the "Get Registered" link under the "For Applicants" section of the navigation bar. You will have to choose whether you are applying as an individual or organization and then create a profile.

Step 4.

Download and complete the application for the grant. Click on the "Apply for Grants" link in the "For Applicants" section of the navigation bar. Click the "Download a Grant Application Package" link and enter the "Funding Opportunity Number" that is listed in the search field. Each application is specific to the grant for which you are applying, therefore you must review the application's instructions before you complete it. The application is a PDF that you can complete and save on your computer. You cannot be signed into the Grants.gov website when you complete the application.

Step 5.

Log into the Grants.gov website using your profile and submit your grant application. Once you are logged into the Grants.gov website, select the "Save & Submit" link on the first page of the grant application to submit your grant application.


Carefully review your grant application for errors or omissions. A failure to complete the application will cause it to be delayed.

Check the grants that are available on Grants.gov often to see if new grants have been added.

Contact your state's Department of State or secretary of state's office to see if any grants are available for business start-ups from the state government.


Not all grants are available all of the time, so you must be diligent in checking for a particular grant for business start-ups.