How to Fill the Developer in a Sharp Copier

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Sharp copiers, along with many other brands, use developer to complete the process of transferring toner to a copier’s drum. The developer holds the toner until the charged drum attracts the toner away from the developer and on to the drum. In most copiers and in all color copiers, without developer, no toner could be placed onto paper to make copies. Developer usually lasts for 100,000 copies before it loses its ability to hold toner particles in place. At that point, the developer needs to be changed.

Open the front panel of the Sharp copier. Doing so will reveal the inside of the copier and, more importantly, the toner for the copier.

Locate the developer. The developer will be either behind, on top of, or very near the toner. The developer will be stored in a tube that will have a cover on its top.

Remove the cover and empty the used developer. The used developer will be quite dirty and easily spilled. Take care when emptying.

Fill the developer tube with new developer and replace the cover. The developer is granular and will pour into the developer tube. The cover will either slide back into place or will click closed.

Close the front panel and restart the Sharp copier. Restarting the copier will allow the developer to draw more toner into its tube.

Run several copies. It may take several copies before enough toner is mixed in with the developer. Run the copier until the copies are of acceptable quality.


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