Forever Living Products--a multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona--markets health, wellness and beauty products. The company produces a range of products from health drinks and herbal supplements to skin care products and weight management packages. Forever Living offers a business opportunity that allows individuals to sign up as a "distributor" and earn either a part-time or full-time income. Distributors can set up a website that acts as an online store, so the distributors' customers can purchase Forever Living Products' merchandise. The website subscription costs approximately $200 annually, as of 2010.

Things You Will Need
  • Forever Living Products distributor account

  • Credit card

Step 1.

Open your Web browser. Go to the main page of the Forever Living Products website and click on "Join." Enter your name and address and click "Next" on the Web form. Click "Confirm" to verify your address. Enter your contact information, such as phone number and email address, and complete the other identification fields. Click "Next." Type in the name of a distributor sponsor or select "Choose a distributor for me." Click "Finish."

Step 2.

Check the email account that you used to sign up with Forever Living Products. Open the "Welcome" email from Forever Living Products that contains your distributor identification number and password.

Step 3.

Go to the main homepage of Forever Living Products and click "Distributor Login." Copy and paste your distributor ID and password into the appropriate fields. Click "Login." Enter a security question and answer, then click "Save." On the next "Security Settings" page, enter a new password for your account and click "Save."

Step 4.

Click on "My FLP Biz" on the main page of your distributorship account website. Click the "Promo Now" button to obtain a free trial of the "My FLP Biz" website tool.

Step 5.

Type the name of the URL you want for your Forever Living Products site in the space provided. Click "Submit." Select either the "monthly" or "yearly" subscription option and click "Continue." Click the "Manage My Wallet" button. Select a payment method (e.g. MasterCard or Visa) and click "Add New Payment Method." Enter your payment information details and click "Add." Select the payment option you added from the list and click "Back to My FLP Biz Signup." Check the box to agree to the terms of service and click "Buy Promo."