Vinyl decals on autos have become a popular promotional tool for business owners to get the word out about their company. Driving around town with your company name, logo and contact information is a cost effective way to expose your business to a large amount of potential customers. In addition, vinyl decals are often used on windows, walls, doors, coffee mugs and many other items. These usages make for a potentially profitable business as a vinyl decal company. If you’re capable of using basic graphic design software, a computer and a printer, then you can operate a vinyl decal business.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • State reseller's certificate

  • Business insurance

  • Computer

  • Graphic design software

  • Large graphic printer

  • Vinyl stickers

  • Vehicle wrap (optional)

Step 1.

Acquire a business license. This must be done before beginning any business operation. Contact your local jurisdiction. Be prepared to provide information about you and your business on a short application. In addition, there may be a fee associated with applying for your business license. Also, apply for a state reseller's certificate so that you will not have to pay sales tax when you buy your supplies.

Step 2.

Get the proper insurance coverage for your vinyl decal business. The business licensing department will inform you if there are any insurance requirements for your specific business. If there are no insurance requirements, obtain insurance that protects against liability claims, property theft and damages for your equipment.

Step 3.

Secure a location for your business. Whether it’s renting out a building or designating an area in your home where you conduct business, choose a specific location to operate your vinyl decal company.

Step 4.

Obtain equipment for your vinyl decal business. This includes a computer, large graphic printer and vinyl stickers. In addition to selling vinyl stickers, you also can market vehicle wraps. This product is designed to shape and mold itself to vehicles. If applying vehicle wraps, certification with the Professional Decal Application Alliance is desirable (see the Resources section).

Step 5.

Promote your business by driving around town with a vinyl decal on your own auto. Your decal should have your company name and contact information on it. In addition, send out direct mail fliers and launch a newspaper insert advertising campaign offering discounts and other promotional giveaways. Post your services in online and offline classified ads to gain even more exposure and customers.