How to Load a Canon Copier Staple Cartridge

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Canon sells copiers in a wide range of speeds and capabilities. Canon copiers often are popular pieces of office equipment because of their versatility. The machines can serve as a copier, printer and network scanner, plus provide document-finishing features like stapling and collating. When a model is configured with a finisher that can staple, the staple cartridge will need to be replaced when empty. The process to replace an empty staple cartridge with a new cartridge takes just a few steps.

Open the front panel of the finisher. Depending on the model of the finisher, the panel door will either be a small opening or will open the entire front side of the finisher.

Check the diagram printed on the inside panel to locate the stapling cartridge. The type of stapling that the finisher is capable of will determine the location of the cartridge. Saddle stitch finishers have the cartridge near the bottom of the finisher. Single or dual staple models are located in the middle front of the finisher.

Pull out the empty cartridge. The cartridge will pull out toward you. Some models may have a latch that needs to be lifted up to release the cartridge before removal.

Place the new staple cartridge into the holder. The cartridge will click when properly inserted. If required, close the latch to secure the cartridge.

Close the finisher panel. Run test copies. You may need to run a few sets of copies to prime the stapler after installing a new cartridge.


  • Only use approved Canon staples in a Canon copier.


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