Before the spread of the Internet, finding a business in Taiwan would have been a difficult task. Few resources were in English, and fewer still were readily available outside of Taiwan. However, many companies now have their own websites, and many others are accessible through online directories and other resources. Whether you need to find a phone number or place an order, finding the information you need is relatively easy.

Step 1.

Ensure you have the correct name of the company you are looking for. Making mistakes is common when you are looking for a company name in a foreign language, and mistakes make finding the company difficult.

Step 2.

Check any of the available online business directories for Taiwan, such as the Taiwan Business Directory or Taiwan Yellow Pages (see Resources). Both of these sites are in English and are organized by business type. These directories can also be searched by entering the company name into the search tab.

Step 3.

Enter relevant information into a popular search engine if you have difficulty remembering the company name. The company's name may be written in Taiwanese or Chinese characters, in which case you must make sure that your browser is capable of displaying foreign characters.

Step 4.

Search for the company by location if you don't have any other information. You can enter addresses or intersections into the search tab of an online map service, such as Google Maps Taiwan (see Resources). Use the map to locate the business and click on the building to obtain more information.


Some small companies may not be listed.