How to Start a Cellular Service Business

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The global mobile phone industry represents a rapid and massively growing business sector. Business opportunities abound in the cell phone service business. Selling cell phone accessories, developing and designing applications for smart phones and operating a retail store selling cell phones represent popular marketing opportunities in the industry. Reselling for well-known established cellular companies offers start-ups the most lucrative money-making opportunity in the cellular market, according to Andrew Christoffer, author of Mobile Media and Applications, From Concepts to Cash. (See References 1)

Determine the demand for a cell phone retailer in your area. Research the local community to locate the competitors on your area. Decide if you want to start a cell phone store or website. Hiring in-store employees or renting an expensive retail space building won't pose costly obstacles when starting an online cell phone business. Also, an online cell phone business provides the opportunity to receive residual income for each cell phone plan you sell, awarding you a range from one to ten percent commission on each customer each time they pay their monthly phone bill. The average cell phone contract is two years, meaning your commission pay-outs continue the entire 24 months.

Acquire a business license. Contact your local county clerk's office and complete all documentation to obtain your business license. The requirements vary largely from state to state, so check your local policies and regulations regarding registering your company and of any export policies that may apply.

Affiliate yourself with an established cell phone company. Peruse the company’s website or call their toll free number to find any franchise sales packages and online affiliation. Search Amazon and eBay for sites and companies looking for affiliates. Sign up and register with the company you choose. Look for a network marketing company specializing in the cell phone industry and enroll with their company.

Hire staff to assist in managing and maintaining your business. Keeping track of all customers and retailers may prove overwhelming when opening your mobile phone service business. Hire a customer service employee to handle all customer questions and concerns with efficiency and also have them hire a web designer. Designate this employee to set up your official website for your business and train him to keep your website looking up to date with your new products and promotions by keeping track of the constant change in cell phone technology, recommends Alex Micheal, author of Mobile Marketing. (See References 2)

Advertise your business. Utilize your local newspapers to place ads and offers and advertise and market through popular social networking sites, cell phone forum sites and any other Internet resources where techies love hanging out.


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