Towel rental companies are popular in resort and beach destinations as they provide a service the vacationing public needs. Towel suppliers can also rent their products to salons and spas. As in starting any business, starting a towel rental business requires attention to detail and a plan. It can be challenging to start a towel rental business. But by renting towels, you are providing an appreciated service.

Things You Will Need
  • Delivery vehicle

  • Laundry facility

  • Towels

Step 1.

Open the towel rental business in or near a vacation destination. Consider areas where rental properties, such as condos or houses, are abundant and popular. Areas that provide year-round vacation capabilities, such as Lake Tahoe, California, or the Poconos in Pennsylvania, would work. Salons and spas in vacation towns also need towel rentals. Another consideration for business location is whether or not the business is in demand. Call salons and real estate agents for their towel demands.

Step 2.

Buy a surplus of towels in a variety of sizes. Contact local department stores for discounts on bulk purchases. If none are offered, run a web search for "bulk towel suppliers" and browse the listings.

Step 3.

Locate a business space. Usually, towel rental businesses can be run from one's home. However, if this isn't going to work, consider running the business from home and performing the laundry services at a laundromat. Alternatively, contact laundromats in the area and ask about a potential business partnership. Remember, the business should include pick-up, laundry and delivery of towels. Purchase a delivery vehicle and update your driver's license, if needed.

Step 4.

Advertise the towel-renting business on vacationing websites. Contact individual sites for advertising rates. Advertise on search engines for searches including "vacation rentals" or "linen rentals" to maximize advertising capabilities. Vacationers can then contact the business directly.

Step 5.

Advertise the towel-rental business on salon supply websites. Call salons in the area and offer towel-rental services at a discount for the first month. Call spas and offer the same discount. If needed, bring a sample of your product and advertise it as superior.

Step 6.

Offer discounts to local real estate agents for rental properties. In vacation towns, rental agents often handle the linen supply of the house. Offer them a discount on their first accounts for each house. They will be more likely to use the rental services if they can verify the work.


Purchase many more towels than you anticipate needing. Towels can be stained easily and may need to be thrown away.