How to Create Free Flyers

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Flyers are an inexpensive, relatively easy-to-create form of advertising. An effective flyer is one that will catch the eye of its audience, be easy to read and makes clear its intention, whether it is to find a lost dog or to announce a store's grand opening. Today, there are many free templates for flyers that can be found on software such as Microsoft Word 2007 or on the Internet. You can choose to use one of these or create one from scratch.

Find a template for your flyer. If you are using Microsoft Word 2007, the templates for flyers can be found by clicking on the "Start" button, then clicking on "New." On the left-hand side, a list of templates for different projects will be displayed. Find "Flyers," and select the one you would like to use.

If you are using Microsoft Word 2003, you can click on "File," and then click on "New." Look for "Templates on" on the right-hand side of the screen, then click on it. Scroll down until you see "Flyers," and click on this option. Next choose the flyer template you would like to use. Hewlett-Packard, hp, also offers free templates online. Once you find a template you like, you can change the elements in it to fit your needs.

Create your own flyer from scratch. Open a new blank document in your word processing program.

Create a border for your flyer. Click on "Page Layout" in Microsoft Word 2007, and then click on "Page Borders." Select the border and options for the border that you like.

In Microsoft Word 2003, click on "File," "Page Setup," "Layout," and then "Page Borders." Choose the border and the options for the border you like.

In other programs, look for something similar to "Page Layout" for borders.

Choose a font and font size for your type. Most word processing programs today allow you to see examples of the different type faces in the font selection area. Find a font that will be easy to read.

Create a heading that states the purpose of your flyer clearly, such as "HOUSE FOR SALE" or "MAID SERVICES." Use all capital letters and large, bold font and font sizes for your heading.

Create the body of your text. With flyers, less is more--keep your information simple and clean. Make sure, however, all necessary details such as phone numbers and name of contacts are in your flyer.

If you absolutely need a lot of text to get your point across, break it up into paragraphs so that it doesn't look like one big block of text.

Insert a picture. Photographs or clip art will make your flyer stand out. Use a picture that clearly depicts the intention of your flyer. If you are using a Microsoft Word program, you will have to left click on the picture, then click on "Text Wrapping," then click on "Tight" if you want to be able to move the picture within your flyer.

Proof your flyer for accuracy and spelling.

Print copies to distribute on your printer or, if you want to save money and have an email list of places you want to receive your flyers, email them.



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