How to Start a Bedding Company

by Rayzelle Forrest Young; Updated September 26, 2017
Choose an area with high foot traffic to open your bedding company.

A bedding company will always be necessary as long as people need comfortable, decorative sleeping spaces. If you’re looking to start a bedding company, you should at least have an interest in the bedding industry. In addition, any prospering business requires that you have a strong desire to succeed. Your genuine interest for the industry coupled with a good business sense should make for a successful bedding company.

Step 1

Select a name for your bedding company. Try to choose a name that’s catchy or easy to remember but also one that embodies the image of the type of company you want to build.

Step 2

Choose a location for your bedding company. Lease a space that will give you maximum exposure to the public. Places such as strip malls and shopping centers are ideal for establishing a company. You may even think about an indoor mall space if your budget allows it.

Step 3

Acquire a business license. Contact the department that issues business licenses in the area that your store is located. A representative at the governing offices for your city will direct you to the appropriate department. Submit your licensing application with required fee.

Step 4

Get the required insurance for your bedding company. Your city may require you to get a specific type of insurance to operate your business. If not, you should at least get insurance coverage to protect your finances and inventory.

Step 5

Obtain inventory for your company. The best way to do this is to purchase low priced products from a bedding supply wholesaler. Purchase as much of a variety of products as you can afford. This offers a broader spectrum of customers to target. Your inventory should include bedspreads, comforters, pillows, sheets, bed skirts, bedding sets, accessories, etc.

Step 6

Build anticipation for the opening of your business with flyers, door hangers and other marketing materials announcing a grand opening. Put a large “coming soon” sign outside your store to help pique interest even more. On the day of your grand opening, encourage customers to buy with promotions and discounts. A grand opening should get your business off to a good start and help to build name recognition.

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