Creating postcards from photos, artwork, or graphics can be rewarding and profitable. Sell postcards online by marketing postcard designs on Web sites that actually do the printing and monetary transactions for the seller. These companies pay royalties for the design. For sellers who would rather print their own postcards and mail them to buyers, more profit can be earned through online auction sites. Selling postcards online can provide photographers, artists, and graphic designers with a way to earn a profit through their art.

Step 1.

Create designs to market as postcards. Use photographs, drawings, graphic designs, or other artwork to create postcards that can be listed for sale online. Upload the designs on the computer and save. Be sure to save the designs to the desktop or another easy-to-find location for easy uploading on design-selling sites.

Step 2.

Create and sell postcard designs on Cafepress. This site allows the seller to sell items in their own shop. Choose a basic or more elaborate shop. Basic shops are free. When a postcard design sells, the seller earns a 10 percent commission.

Step 3.

List postcards for sale on Zazzle. Set up a shop on this site and upload postcard designs. Sellers set the price of the item and decide on the amount of commission they want for each postcard. Sellers receive an e-mail when an item sells.

Step 4.

Place postcards for auction on EBay. Postcards must be printed and ready to mail to buyers, but the seller retains full profit. EBay stores can be created for a monthly fee.

Step 5.

Promote postcard designs on social networking sites, such as Facebook or MySpace. Announce and showcase newly-listed designs on these sites. Add customers as friends to keep in touch, send promotional messages, and market postcards.


The more designs you offer, the greater your chances of making sales. Be patient. Building an online business takes a lot of work and time.