Calculating postage for certified mail depends on the size of the package and the location it is traveling to. A major benefit of mailing your mail with certified mail postage is that it gives you the ability to track your package and verify that it arrives at its destination. You receive a stamped receipt with your mailing date and a unique mailing number that allows you to verify the delivery online. Certified mail protects your package from getting lost, because a signature is needed to receive the package, according to the United States Postal Service.

Step 1.

Visit your local post office with your package or letter, where the agent will provide you with cost details on mailing your package or letter as certified.

Step 2.

Access the United States Postal Service website. Click on the “All Products & Services,” “Prices” and “Calculate Postage” links. Click the “Calculate Domestic Postage” option.

Step 3.

Fill out the “Postage Price Calculator” by providing the destination of the package, the zip code, the mailing date of the package, and the shape of the package. Press “Continue.”

Step 4.

Click on the “Add Extra Services” button at the bottom of the “Domestic Services” box then click the box near “Certified Mail” to apply the certified mail option to your package. Press “Continue” to view your total postage with certified mail.