How to Introduce Yourself in a Business Email

by Andrew Smith; Updated September 26, 2017

Many business use email over fax and "snail mail" because of the quick response email provides both businesses and clients. If this is the first time that you are reaching out to a particular company or client, it is important that you introduce yourself and explain the reason for your email. Just as when writing a business letter, there are certain rules you must remember in order to remain professional while properly introducing yourself.

Step 1

Write the purpose of the business email in the email "Subject" line. If sending out a wedding contract to a client, for example, write "Wedding Contract" in the subject line. The subject line helps reinforce the purpose of the business email.

Step 2

Start the email with the proper salutation. Business emails should be started "Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. etc." or "To whom it may concern." First names are not appropriate in the salutation of a business email.

Step 3

Explain the purpose of the email in the first line. Use the phrase "I am contacting you regarding," "I am writing in response" or something similar. Starting a business email with "my name is" or something similar is not appropriate.

Step 4

Speak about yourself in the email only when appropriate. When sending a resume, for example, write a few brief sentences about your work experience and why you're the right fit for the job. Remember that a business email is not a cover letter. When sending a business work email, introduce yourself based upon your position with the company (For example, "I am the director of sales at...").

Step 5

End the email properly. "Sincerely" and "Thank you" are two proper conclusions for business emails. Finish the email with both your first and last name.


  • Remember to use proper spelling, capitalization and grammar in business emails. View business emails as you would business letters.

    Always save a copy of the business emails you've sent.

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