There are a number of reasons you might want to find the name of a parent company. You may have a job interview for a position within a local or regional division of the company or want to file a customer service complaint to the parent company because all other attempts at resolving an issue have gone unresolved. Regardless of the reason, you can find the name of a parent company using just a few steps.

Interview a company employee or supervisor. Explain that you want to find out the name of the parent company of the business. Request contact information including the mailing address, phone number, email address and website of the parent company.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce in your state. Provide the business name and mailing address to obtain the name of the parent company as well as the date of execution.

Visit your local library or state university. A general library or business school library may have business indexes, which you can use to look up businesses and search for parent companies.

Perform an online search. Use a corporate research website such, or For example, ZoomInfo searches the web for information linking companies including parent companies and employees. Enter the business name and wait for a report on the business, which should contain the name of the parent company.

Research the company using news and business publication. Magazines such as Forbes, Business Week, and Fortune provide business and financial information about publicly traded companies including stock information and the company hierarchy. National companies are profiled in such magazines more frequently than regional and local. For a regional business, check regional magazines.


Finding a parent company can provide an alternative option when filing a complaint against a business.