How to Find Investors Online

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If you are looking to start a business and need to find funds to see it through, looking for online investors represents a good start. You can find many investors online, where they can look over your business plan and perhaps provide you with a start to your business. The Internet continually reaches new heights where investors can seek start-up business opportunities as well as existing business opportunities. Anyone with a solid business plan has a good chance of getting in touch with an online investor.

Write a viable business plan in order to attract investors to your business idea. This document will include a brief description of your business and how much money the business will need in order to start up/expand, and it will include both strengths and weaknesses of your idea in order to show your knowledge of the industry. Indicate how your business differs from others in your field, as well as why these differences represent advantages over other businesses in the field.

Search through online-investor websites in order to find the right site for you. Many investor-related sites focus on small businesses, start-up businesses or current businesses looking to expand. See the Resources section for links to a few of these sites.

Establish an account with the website of your choosing, and input basic information, such as your name, address, and contact information. Upload your business plan to make it available for investors to examine. Most of these websites require monthly fees in order to broadcast your business to online investors.

Send a video or PowerPoint presentation to investors that express interest in your business. These investors will contact you via email or through the site for which you signed up. Keep in contact with these investors in order to show your devotion to your business.


  • Business Plan Pro is an excellent tool for creating business plans.



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