Spa parties are a fresh trend in celebrating. Friends and family can enjoy a little luxurious pampering, either at the hostess' home or at the spa, while catching up on each others' lives and reviving shared memories. Corporations can treat hard-working staff to a buff-and-polish by engaging an on-location spa-party crew. If you have a background in the beauty industry, you have a headstart in establishing your own spa-party business. This entertaining enterprise can reap financial rewards as well as happiness points for everyone involved (see Reference 1).

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Business license

  • Budget

  • Supplies

  • Staff

Step 1.


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Write a business plan. Establish long-term goals for your spa party business, including financial expectations. Define the steps you need to take to attain your goals. Do you need a business loan? What is a realistic start-up budget to take care of initial licensing and supplies? Do you need to obtain or provide training? How will you organize your spa parties? What will be your fee schedule? How do you intend to publicize your new business? Be as detailed as possible, because having a good business plan can be critical to success (see Reference 2).

Step 2.

Fill out the legal paperwork. Register your business with your state's Department of Revenue. Fees and format vary by state, but you must register your business name and pay the required fee to establish a tax account as well as obtain a tax number that enables you to buy supplies from wholesalers. If you live within city limits, you must also purchase a business license.

Step 3.


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Hire your staff. Make sure to hire qualified staff that can cover large or small parties. A licensed and experienced crew -- which might include a hairdresser, a manicurist, a massage therapist and a cosmetologist -- will help establish a reputation for reliability and expertise.

Step 4.

Buy supplies. Spa parties often supply guests with fluffy robes and slippers, relaxing eye masks, plush towels, and other items that you can clean and reuse for many events. You will need to replenish other items, like bottled water, snacks, nail polish and cosmetics, before each event. Don't forget party supplies to make the day festive. Aromatherapy candles, soothing or upbeat music and fresh flowers create a classy spa-party atmosphere (see Reference 3). Consider offering take-home goody bags filled with spa samples -- makeup, soaps, shampoo, skin lotion, etc. -- with your company logo, to remind guests who to call when they are planning their own party.


Make sure your staff members are licensed to perform their magic.


Never reuse items unless they are freshly cleaned and/or sterilized before each event.