Every year, millions of men and women turn to spas and clinics to remove unwanted hair. Brazilian waxing, in particular, is a popular option for women, particularly during the summer. A trained and licensed technician could do well to start her own mobile or fixed salon. Expand your services to garner more of the market. Then compete by offering a clean facility and friendly, trained technicians.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Certification

  • License

  • Website

  • Technician

  • Location

Step 1.

Determine the scope of the services you will provide. Conduct research on local competitors to get an idea of in-demand services in your community. Threading, a form of hair removal, has gained in popularity in recent years. It may behoove you to offer such as service. Develop a business plan for your bikini waxing business that details anticipated expenses and operating costs to ensure that you can compete with other salons and still make a profit.

Step 2.

Contact your state cosmetology board to learn the licensing and training requirements for the services you will provide, in addition to the liability insurance requirements. The board may be able to provide you with a list of state-approved beauty schools.

Step 3.

Select a beauty school that will offer you the training you need for the services you intend to offer, as well as help with setting up your own business. Many schools include basic business management training. The waxing certification should cover sanitation, disinfection, anatomy and physiology of hair and skin, potential reactions from waxing, hard wax and soft wax, eyebrow shaping and waxing on various parts of the body.

Step 4.

Establish your bikini waxing business. Obtain your business permit and invest in an insurance policy.

Step 5.

Evaluate space requirements for your salon. Keep your rent under 10 percent of your expected annual gross revenue. Select a high-visibility location for your salon, preferably situated between businesses or restaurants that draw similar clientele.

Step 6.

Purchase wax, gloves, applicators, tables, a reception desk, shelves for skincare products you will sell, chairs for the waiting area, fashion and style magazine subscriptions and a sound system.

Step 7.

Offer a clean and professional atmosphere. Hire qualified, licensed and insured beauticians who are fashion savvy and hip to the latest trends in skin care. Your employees should also be fully aware of the importance of sanitation, such as wearing gloves and avoiding double dipping in the wax. They should be friendly, outgoing and committed to providing a tailored experience to each client. They should also be discrete, due to the intimate nature of the procedures they will perform.

Step 8.

Create a professional website that not only details your background, services and price list, but includes helpful tips on how to prepare the area, the frequency of waxes and how to reduce redness and inflammation.


In this industry, friendly service will go a long way. Even if you can't offer the lowest prices, you can compete with excellent customer service. Offer free coffee, great conversation, great music, a warm atmosphere and attentive technicians.

Advertise at local swimwear shops, tanning salons and boutiques.