Starting a towing business in Florida requires the ability to pass state driver's tests. There is the written and the road test exam administered by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV). One of the most lucrative places to own a tow truck business is south Florida. Get started by getting trained and obtaining the proper licenses to operate in Florida.

Save the start-up cash for the Florida towing business. It can cost between $10,000 to $200,000 according to the resource link titled "How To Start A Towing Business." In order to make consistent cash flow, you may select a large urban area (Miami). There are car accidents daily and plenty of car owners that need towing services.

Contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) to take the written exam and schedule the road test skills exam. The written exam may be taken at any time.

Make sure to pass the appropriate exams based on the weight class of the truck you will be operating. For instance, most tow trucks require class "A." Before taking the test, you should review the handbook provided on the DMV website. Get the Florida CDL upon receiving the required passing score on the exam (70 percent). Bring appropriate documentation such as a Social Security card.

Find a tow truck and determine where you will operate the business. You may purchase a vehicle online using an auction site, or you may find one at a local repair shop with low mileage. Always negotiate on the asking price to get a better deal. Some areas may permit you to operate a towing business from home, but you will need to check first with the zoning department. Usually, a towing business is operated from a garage-type facility. Research for an appropriate location using the Internet.

Register your business with the state of Florida. is the place to check to see if your business name is available and to secure it. Pay the appropriate fees and print the charter page (declaration page). The fee should be under $100.

Check with your city and county administrators about obtaining a towing business licenses. In Miami, you will need to go to the Consumer Services website to get started.

Find drivers from a professional truck-driving school. Select from any Florida approved truck-driving school. You can get trained yourself, and/or find employees to work for you.

Begin the towing business and market yourself with a website featuring your business name. Purchase the domain using a hosting company. Partner with companies like AAA to help car owners in need of emergency assistance. The county may have contracts available for car removal as well.


Apply to truck driving school to learn the business yourself, it may take about a month to complete and get hands-on training at some schools. Financial aid may be available too.

Be at least 21 to avoid the underage limits on driving privileges.

It is free to take initial exams for the CDL, but re-takes cost $10 to $20 each.

Take business courses at a community college to help ensure better management practices for your towing business.