How to Take a Home Phone Number Off of a Telemarketing List

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Having telemarketers call your home can be irritating, especially when they call at odd hours, interrupt your favorite show or refuse to stop calling. Sometimes even a caller ID won’t bring up enough information to warn you. Get off of a telemarketer’s list entirely with the National Do Not Call Registry. The registry takes your home and mobile numbers so telemarketers know you aren’t interested.

Go to for the National Do Not Call Registry. Click on “Register Now."

Fill out the information requested, including your telephone number(s) and email address. Make sure to type the information correctly. There will be a page after you click “Submit” that asks you to verify your information. Once you have checked your information, click either “Register” or “Change” to go back and fix your mistakes.

Check your email and click on the link given to you by the website. It requires you to use the link within three days. This will verify and register your phone number.

Complete the process with all of the numbers you entered, which will each receive a separate email. The website suggests you print the page.

File a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry if you are still receiving unwanted calls after 31 days. Some callers, such as charities and surveys, are exempt from the registry.


  • Verify that your numbers are on the National Do Not Call Registry on the website.



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