How to Create an LLC in Tennessee

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To create an LLC in Tennessee, the appropriate documents must be filed with the Tennessee Department of State. A limited liability corporation may be created in Tennessee with a single member an unlimited number of members. An individual, another LLC, a foreign entity, a corporation or a business partnership can act as a member (owner) of an LLC in Tennessee. Members of an LLC in Tennessee have personal-asset protection against business debts and obligations.

Create an available company name. The LLC must have a business name that isn't in use or on reserve in Tennessee. Furthermore, the Tennessee LLC's business name should be distinguishable from those of other business entities in the state. The last words of a Tennessee LLC must be "limited liability company," or the abbreviated version, according to the Legal Zoom website. Search name availability using the Tennessee Department of State's website.

Obtain articles of organization. Log on to the Tennessee Department of State's website. It provides fill-in-the-blank articles of organization. Pick them up in person, or call 615-741-2286 to have them sent by mail.

Complete articles of organization. To create an LLC in Tennessee, the articles of organization must include the name and principal address of the company. Name an adult or a business that will accept legal process on behalf of the Tennessee LLC. The business or person who accepts legal documents for a Tennessee LLC must maintain a physical residence in the state.

Indicate the purpose for which the Tennessee LLC was created. Include the number of members who will participate in it. State whether the Tennessee LLC will be managed by a board or by its members. Indicate how long the LLC will be in existence.

Submit articles of organization. Tennessee allows an LLC to file articles of organization electronically, in person or by mail.

Articles of organization may be submited on the Tennessee Department of State's website (see Resources section).

Articles of organization may be mailed to the Division of Business Services, 312 8th Ave N Fl 6, Nashville, TN 37243.

As of 2010, it cost $300 to file articles of organization for an LLC in Tennessee. They must be signed by an organizer, a member or the manager of the Tennessee LLC, according to the Legal Zoom website.

Create a written operating agreement. The operating agreement for an LLC in Tennessee acts as the company's governing document. An LLC in Tennessee isn't required to file its operating agreement with the state, but the agreement must be kept at the company's principal place of business. A Tennessee LLC's operating agreement sets forth the rules and regulations that will govern the company and its members. Provisions such as the voting rights of members, and the manner in which LLC profits and losses will be divided, may be contained in a Tennessee LLCs operating agreement.



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