Laminating machines dispense two sheets of thin plastic, sandwiching a paper, card or picture in between. The two plastic sheets are then cut and the user feeds them into the machine, where they are heated, sealing the paper, card or picture in place. There are various reasons why a laminator will jam, and therefore, various means of amending the problem. Troubleshooting this issue requires several steps be taken until the problem is resolved. If the following steps do not fix the problem, consult the manufacturer's manual.

Step 1.

Open the laminator and gently remove the jammed or bunched laminate.

Step 2.

If laminate is jammed around the heating rollers, wait for the rollers to cool and carefully unwind the damaged laminate.

Step 3.

If laminate is still attached to either cassette, cut the laminate free with scissors. Pull laminate from the cassette until 2 inches of smooth, fresh laminate hang out of the cassette.

Step 4.

Check the laminate cassettes to ensure they are loaded properly. They should fit snugly into place.

Step 5.

Check to be sure laminate is installed correctly into the cassettes, as directed by the manufacturer. Pull free any bunched laminate and cut it free with scissors.

Step 6.

Close the cover and wait for the laminate to advance.