The United States Postal Service offers online package tracking for individuals and businesses. Tracking can help both sender and receiver ensure that the package delivery has occurred on schedule. The tracking number appears in a few different places, but losing the number can also mean losing the ability to check on the package's delivery.

Finding the Tracking Number

Package senders will find the USPS tracking number either on the label or receipt, depending on the mail class selected. The USPS website has example number formats for trackable mail types including Certified Mail, Priority Mail and Registered Mail.

Buyers or receivers should request the number from the sender upon ordering the package. Senders may provide the number through an automatic email. Losing the number also means losing the ability to track the package.

Track the Package

Visit the USPS Tracking website. Enter the tracking number manually or using the cut and paste functions on the computer. Click the "Find" button and wait for the tracking screen to load. Read the delivery information displayed to find out the estimated delivery time for the package.

If the delivery information fails to load, double-check that the tracking number used matches the format displayed on the USPS Tracking page.