How to Name a Craft Business

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Starting a business is just a dream to many, but you have actually made it happen. You’re opening a craft business. You know you’ll have to worry about such things as payroll, taxes, insurance, rent, fees and the like. But before you get to all that, you’ll need to decide what to name your business. It’s a pretty important decision; the name represents you and your product. With this in mind, choose wisely.

Use a business name with special meaning to you.
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Use a name with special meaning to you. You can use your first name and/or last name, you and your business partner’s names, your initials, your grandmother’s name, or whatever strikes your fancy. Examples: Frames by Denise Ryan, Veronica’s Clocks, Alan and Jude’s Rugs and LP Crafts. If you’re lucky enough to have a name that starts with the same letter as your craft, use this alliteration to your benefit. Examples: Devon’s Dolls, Macramé by Michelle, Soaps by Sullivan, Paul’s Pottery and Gibson Glassworks.

Incorporate your location into your business name.
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Incorporate your location into your business name. You could use the city or state or the nickname of either. If you use the neighborhood, street or building, the name has the added benefit of letting customers know where to find you. Examples: Downtown Garden Art, Atlanta Gift Baskets, Tennessee Hides and Leather, SoHo Mosaics, Poplar Street Crocheted Crafts, Southside Lamps, Montana Quilts and Blankets, Bryant Square Metalworks, Lexington Wreaths and Verona Vase Shoppe.

Use an adjective in your business name, like Kit's Knits.
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Use a fun technique. Throw in an adjective: Custom Jute Products, Best Baskets, Superb Pottery and Original Art. Try a rhyming name: Malone’s Stone, Eleanor’s Bead Store, Kit’s Knits, Mats by Pat and Handy Andy’s Woodshop. Use a nickname: Slim’s Plastics, Etty’s Crafts for All Occasions, Big Rick’s Tin Ware or Wall Hangings by Lexi. Utilize a prepositional phrase: In the Know Fine Art, To your Taste Kitchenware, On the Mark Jewelry, On the Waterfront Silver or By the Book Scrapbooking.


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