How to Develop a Baseline for Your Project Plan

by Mehmet Karakus ; Updated September 26, 2017
Consideration should be used when developing a baseline.

You can develop a baseline for your project plan by determining and organizing project information, including, but not limited to, tasks, resources and assignments. A project baseline is an initial snapshot of your schedule when you first save your project information to track progress and compare your updates.

Define the start and end date of your project to create a duration. The start date is the date of the tentative date for the project to begin, and the end date is the scheduled end date of the project. This duration is the initial and baseline duration of the project.

Determine the work tasks to be completed. Work tasks are the activities to complete the project.

Apply your resource list to assign work tasks. This will determine whether or not you have enough manpower and funds to complete the project in the duration initially determined.

Determine the cost for the baseline. Once the work tasks and resources are assigned, the cost of the project will be determined from the work effort and resource rates. This is called the initial project cost.

Compile the information. The result is the baseline for your project plan. As your project is updated, you can compare your current status to your baseline.


  • Involve your team in the development of the baseline. Ensure senior management approves the baseline.

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