Successful entertainment businesses offer a variety of services, including music groups that perform at proms and other big events, clowns that entertain children, and disc jockey services for parties of all sizes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), entertainers come from a variety of disciplines such as folk dance, modern dance, jazz performance, musicians who play in orchestras and artists who have a sizable following.

Step 1.

Focus on a specific niche. Build a loyal following in a certain area so that you become known as the company who is an expert in that niche. For example, if you have a fondness for parties for kids, center your business on parties for young people. Put the words "we specialize in clowns for kids' parties" on all of your marketing materials, including company answering machine messages, and mention your specialty on any occasion when you tell people about your entertainment business.

Step 2.

Invest in equipment for your entertainment business. If you are going to hire music groups, singers, dancers and performers to entertain crowds of people, purchase quality equipment that they can use to perform. Keep in mind that even if the venue in which they are appearing already has microphones, DJ equipment or other fancy items that they can use, it is always smart to have a backup plan, just in case their equipment fails. Purchase items in the name of your business from wholesale sources that cater to entertainment businesses, in order to ensure you get the best rates.

Step 3.

Advertise your services. Consider placing paid ads on the Internet that target people who are searching for keywords related to your business. Hire a computer professional who can show you proven results of prior ad campaigns he has managed, can provide references that you can call to verify results, and is someone with whom you feel comfortable communicating. Set up a website for your company that lists all of the services you offer, provides special online discounts, and gives a short biography of the top acts in your entertainment business.

Step 4.

Employ additional workers. Hire more performers so that you can send them to perform at additional locations that you book, and thus earn extra income for your entertainment business. Reward your top employees with bonuses such as extra cash, more chances to perform, and the ability to choose where they would like to perform.