Critical information about your business, such as changes in policy or notices about upcoming meetings, must be communicated to your employees. One way to get the information out is by drafting a memo. Memos are simple documents that provide essential information. They tell your employees firstly who the memo is from, who it is addressed to and what it is about, then they flesh the message out in the body of the memo. Write a sample memo to use a template for future memos.

Step 1.

Open a new document on your computer's word processor. Type "TO:" and include parentheses or some other indicator to show that a person's name must be entered in this field. Press the enter key twice to start a new line. In the second field, type "FROM:" and include parentheses to show that the sender's name must go in this field. Press the enter key twice to start a new line and type "RE:" or "SUBJECT:" and include parentheses to indicate that the memo's subject matter must be filled in here.

Step 2.

Press the enter key twice and use the underscore key to make a line all the way across the page. This will differentiate between the introductory field above and the explanatory field--or body of the memo--to be written below.

Step 3.

Write a sentence or two underneath the line created in step 3 to explain the memo-drafter must use this space to explain the subject matter of the memo in full.

Step 4.

Provide a space at the end of the sample memo for the drafter to sign his or her name and to note any attachments to the memo.