How to Rent Vending Machines to Start a Business

If you are looking for a source of income with low risk or investment, vending machines can be a worthwhile investment. They require low maintenance and provide a steady stream of revenue that can be a boost to any individual or business. However, the initial investment for a vending machine can be several thousand dollars, putting it out of range for many people. To accommodate the needs of these people, many companies offer to rent vending machines for a fee.

Decide on a location for your machine. If you are placing the machines inside a business or property that you own, this is a no-brainer. If not, speak to the owner of the building in which you will place the machines and get a written agreement of the arrangement.

Find a local vending machine rental company in your area. The best way to do this is to find some vending machines in your area and check the tags on the sides of the machines.

Check the reputation of the company. Not all vending machine rental companies are the same, and some offer poor terms or have poor service habits. Ask customers of the business what sorts of things they would like to see the company change.

Negotiate a contract with the vending machine rental company. Some vendors will let you pay for the vending machine rental with a percentage of your profits, while others will want a flat monthly fee. Try to negotiate discounts or better commission rates, especially if you are renting multiple machines. It is usually a good idea to stipulate in the contract that the rental company will restock the machines.

Check your vending machines periodically to make sure that your agreement is being upheld. All vendors make occasional mistakes, and checking your machines will ensure that the errors have been corrected promptly.


  • Never agree to a rental contract that holds you liable for damage to the vending machines.