The Nissan Corporation, founded in 1933, has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception as a small Datsun producer in Japan. Nissan, like many other large business entities, has grown primarily through presenting franchise opportunities to individuals globally. You, or your business firm, may own and operate a Nissan dealership by demonstrating to Nissan that you possess the necessary assets, business plan and location to ensure that the Nissan brand is represented appropriately to your selected area.

Compile and organize a list of all of your assets and liabilities, including liquid assets, stocks, bonds, life insurance, property, debt and obligations.

Collect all tax items, including returns, that you have filed for the previous five years.

Create a list of any and all investors that are investing in your dealership, in addition to any cash or loans you intend to use for a Nissan franchise purchase.

Interview and select a potential manager for your dealership. Compile all of the manager's contact information, as well as her resume, for the Nissan dealer application process.

Create a detailed property plan to present to Nissan that explains where you intend to place the dealership, who your surrounding competition is and for what price you intend to secure the land.

Complete the Nissan dealer application form provided by Nissan, North America.


Starting a Nissan dealership takes a large amount of start-up capital, often in excess of $250,000 (U.S.) for land, facilities, staff, and inventory. Consider gathering multiple monetary sources for your start-up operations.