How to Find a Georgia Employer Identification Number

A Georgia employer identification number--also called a state taxpayer identification number--is a unique number that the Georgia government assigns to businesses for tax or licensing purposes, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue. Businesses in Georgia must register for a federal employer identification number and a state taxpayer identification number, and register as a business with the Georgia Secretary of State. There are four ways to find a Georgia employer identification number.

Contact Georgia government offices. If you misplaced your Georgia employer identification number, or if you need your employer's number, you may contact the Georgia office of the Secretary of State--the site of the business registry--or the Georgia Department of Revenue--which manages tax collection. The state government maintains a database of businesses that register and pay taxes in the state, sorted by their Georgia employer identification number. The Georgia Department of Revenue hosts an online tax center that allows you to perform many administrative tasks with government offices online--including verification of identification numbers--after completing a free registration process.

Use business resources to find your identification number. Both the Georgia Secretary of State and the Georgia Department of Revenue send confirmations of your employer identification number when you apply for it, as well as when you register to do business in Georgia. Check your files for a copy of the confirmations. If you filed or registered electronically, you should have received both an email confirmation and a hard copy in the mail. If you worked through an attorney or a bookkeeper to perform the necessary registrations, check with them to see if they have copies of the number or the confirmations.

Check financial information for your business. Banks in Georgia usually require either your federal employer identification number, your state taxpayer identification number, or both numbers to open a bank account or apply for financing for your business. Check with your bank, look at your account statements, or examine your loan paperwork to find your Georgia employer identification number. The employer identification number should also be on annual wage statements or IRS W-2 forms that you send to employees.

Look at tax certificates or licenses. Georgia businesses receive tax certificates or licenses from the state government, depending on the type of business operated. For example, restaurants must have certain types of licenses and certificates to operate, sell food and alcohol, and collect sales tax. Business owners post these certificates in a public spot, and all of them feature the Georgia employer identification number.


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