First aid safety products are widely used in businesses, especially in those that have a lot of employees or at a higher risk for accidents. When an accident does happen, a company wants to be able to know how to deal with it immediately while emergency help is contacted. Therefore, being able to have easy access to top-quality safety equipment and the knowledge about how to deal with the incident is essential. If you are interested in starting your own business in a field that’s never going to have a lack of incidents, owning a first aid safety business may be your calling.

Step 1.

Become trained and certified. First aid safety businesses typically teach and certify others in first aid and CPR. To be able to train others, though, you must first be certified to do so. If you are looking to do the bare minimum for your own personal training, become a certified first aid and CPR instructor. If you are looking to attain a higher certification, get the training paramedics receive.

Step 2.

Learn who your competitors are and learn more about the first aid and safety market in your planned service area. If there are quite a few business that could provide some competition, learn exactly what services they provide and how much they charge. If there is too much competition, you may have to expand your horizons and provide services at community centers, to individuals, students, church organizations, etc.

Step 3.

Plan the services you want to provide and determine who are your target clients. Based on the information you gathered about your competition, see if there’s a way you can effectively be a more attractive service provider to their customers. Things to consider for a first aid safety business is providing a mobile service that includes a scheduled restocking of supplies, including fire extinguishers as a product you sell, selling AED units and providing free training to those who purchase them, home health products, etc. Find what the competition is not offering so you can have a niche in the market.

Step 4.

Purchase the equipment needed. Find a supplier of first aid products to order from and create a catalog for your new clients from which to shop. Have the more frequently ordered items in stock for faster delivery.

Step 5.

Create a website as an effective and efficient way for clients to contact you, place orders and schedule services. Allow clients to pay for first aid products directly through the site; this way people who aren’t in your service area can still purchase products they need, and you’ll get the extra business without the extra effort.

Step 6.

Market yourself. When you are finally up and running, place advertisements in business publications about your services. Visit large and small businesses to drop off a business card and brochure that details what you can do for them and the training you could offer on site. An effective marketing plan will get your business headed in the right direction.